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Annas' European Cleaning Service, House Home Resiential Housekeeping, Maid Service Cleaning and Small Office Cleaning in Albuquerque, takes pride in being professionally self-owned and self-operated since 1988.  In Europe, we always appreciated a super clean house every day of the week. A clean home is a reflection of the person who lives in it!  I brought these house cleaning and office cleaning services, techniques and qualities with me to Albuquerque over 20 years ago in which I perform the cleaning and have built my business one customer at a time. My people's personality, hard work, loyalty, responsiveness to customers and pet friendliness are qualities that are hard to find, match, and sustain in any cleaning business in Albuquerque these days!

Most of my new customers say that I do an outstanding job and state that I do 70% more work than other services that they have used in the past. Customers have also shared their preference to have a one-on-one trusting residential home and office cleaning relationship instead of having new sets of "team workers" invading their homes every time. It is not only exhausting having to personally interview new cleaning staff, but also to get surprises later associated with their hidden housecleaning fees, additional and service time changes and work reviews!

I specialize in residential home and small office cleaning in Metropolitan Albuquerque where "the cleaning job is done right the first time." My thorough cleaning includes everything at all times and immaculate service with great attention to detail. I use green cleaning products and processes in my Albuquerque cleaning services to leave your home and office clean, safe and healthy.  I am the one cleaning expert in all areas, and yes, I do the dishes, make beds, change the linens and towels, vacuum, dust and more with the care and trust that you would expect.

Albuquerque's quality and responsible home and office cleaning for residential home and offices! 

Anna's European Cleaning Service offers affordable and realistic rates based on weekly and bi-weekly Albuquerque cleaning services and monthly house cleaning services depends on cleaning needs.   I provide a single house cleaning or office cleaning relationship that meets my customers needs so they can enjoy  their home and life with family and friends instead of cleaning on the weekends.  Please explore my website to request a cleaning_estimate and more information about my company and the benefits and steps about my regular and extra cleaning services.


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